Postdoctoral fellow to FAIRTRANS

This research is truly interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary and the candidate should have previous experience of that. Research experience from forestry or climate is desirable but not mandatory. Application deadline is 15 June 2022. Read more and apply here

Urbana gemensamheter för en fossilfri framtid

Med utgångspunkt i tidigare forskning sammanfattas insikter om ”klimatallmänningar” och vilken roll dessa har för klimatomställning i svenska stadsområden. I en ny artikel med titeln Urban Commons and Collective Action to Address Climate Change i den vetenskapliga tidskriften Social Inclusion presenterar forskarna nya insikter om allmänningens roll för en klimatomställning. Klimatallmänningar representerar gemensamheter där lokala […]

Forest owners should consider mixed forests or continuous cover forestry

Forest management and the sustainability of forestry is a hot potato in Sweden. One of the most controversial issues is whether the current model, which is focused on clear-cutting and spruce dominance, should be complemented with continuous cover management and mixed forests. What will be most valuable for landowners and society at large? And how […]

Enkät om globala klimatinställningar

Läs om enkäten, där FAIRTRANS inkluderat Sverige, på Stockholm Resilience Centres hemsida: